Kuroshitsuji Pocketbook 2014 #6 June Illustration

Scanned by Funtom’s Candy

K U R O S H I T S U J I | Yana Toboso


(( Happy Easter, from Yana Toboso! ))

Original by Yana Toboso
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Sebastian Michaelis by Yana Toboso
They are yours to control. All you have to do is turn them 
into strength, and use that strength to move forward.
Art by Yana Toboso | Edit by me

Kuroshitsuji vol.19 Animate Tokuten Card

Kuroshitsuji II Twitter (2014年7月11日)




Kuroshitsuji ~Animate clear sheet #3~

Scanned/Edit by Funtom’s Candy. Please credit if used!

My ooth feels wobbly // Adorable scans by XOXO

Kuroshitsuji Pocketbook 2014 #10 October Illustration

Scanned by Funtom’s Candy

Kuroshitsuji / Twitter Illustration from Yana Toboso / S.M. & C.P.